A variety of places to discover Ibiza! 

Hostel Anibal** is located in Sant Antoni de Portmany, Ibiza, just 2 km from the center of Sant Antoni, Marina and Passeig de Ses Fonts. You can discover beautiful natural parks, beaches and turquoise water beaches, traditional countryside, also enjoy a quiet and relaxed atmosphere and restaurants where you can taste delicious typical dishes from Ibiza... Discover that Ibiza is much more than just sun and parties, you can enjoy the island day and night, and also have both fun filled holiday, those who are tranquillity and quiet both those looking for leisure and entertainment!

Three things you can’t miss:


The Marina District
District La Marina

Declared UNESCO World Heritage Site along with Dalt Vila, the fortress best preserved in the Mediterranean, the Marina district is near the port, outside the walls where you can walk through the narrow white alleyways and where there are some shops and typical fashion galleries from Ibiza , Cafes and restaurants with traditional dishes... a treat for the 5 senses!


Cave des Mirador, Es Vedra

At 400 meters above sea level, in the southeast of the island, it is one of the most symbolic places and the magic of Ibiza. There, under the forecourt, there is a small cave to retreat, enjoy spectacular scenery and enjoy the quiet sound of the waves and nature. An amazing place that deserves a visit. Really wonderful!
The Cave of Mirador of Es Vedra
Medieval Fair
Medieval Market

If you are in Ibiza in May, you will have the privilege to participate in the spectacular medieval market, which is organized every year in May in Dalt Vila. The castle is presented as a landscape and a variety of products and regional foods are prepared, and all are dressed in the style of the Middle Ages, all kinds of crafts that produce with pride and also the activities staging that took place at the time. Unforgettable!

Staying at Hostel Anibal, you will get a fantastic holiday in Ibiza, at a very affordable price!